Prospective Students

The Department of Special Education Resources for Students, which includes faculty advising, program orientation sessions, program road maps, and student organizations. 

Faculty Advising

Faculty Advising is a critical part of your educational program at San Francisco State University.  Your progress toward your selected degree, minor, certificate, or credential program will be significantly smoother with regular advising. All students enrolled in the programs offered by the Department of Special Education & Communicative Disorders should meet with an academic advisor every semester. A number of advising opportunities are available to students that include orientation each semester, group advising meetings and individual meetings by appointment.

Program Orientation Sessions

Program areas in the Department schedule orientation for new and continuing students on a regular basis, each semester or annually.  Attendance for program area orientation is required for all enrolled students, as critical information is shared by faculty regarding updated requirements for completion of degree and credential programs. In addition, students have an opportunity to share their experiences with each other, forming networks for professional development.  Announcements for orientation sessions are posted on Important Deadlines.

Program Course Road Maps

Through information sessions, program orientations, regular advising and knowing the handbook, students will have a clear knowledge of program requirements and sequence of courses and field work. Early in the program, each student will develop a roadmap with a faculty advisor, showing a suggested sequence for completion of the degree, minor, certificate or credential. The roadmaps provides an individualized plan for each student to complete the degree, credential, or both. Changes in the roadmap may be made through regular consultation with a faculty advisor.

Student Organizations

Participation in a student organization can assist in becoming a member of the profession that one is training for.  Entry into professional practice is a gradual transition, greatly enhanced by membership in one's chosen professional organization.  Students in Communicative Disorders, for example, join the National Student Speech-Language and Hearing Association and develop an understanding of the field through regular activities such as participation in professional conferences, leadership in the SFSU NSSLHA Chapter, volunteer and paid experience while going to school.  Students in Special Education have an opportunity to join the local chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children and related organizations.  Connections with other students and professionals in the field contribute to building knowlege and skills and finding one's place in a community of professionals at the local, state, and national level.