Master of Arts in Special Education

The Master of Arts (MA) in Special Education is a professional degree that emphasizes research and leadership skills in an individually designed program within an area of emphasis in the field of special education. The degree prepares professionals for employment in schools and other public and private agencies serving people with disabilities of all ages.  Program areas within the department provide students with an opportunity to learn from, and participate in, on-going research, demonstration, training, and clinical projects conducted by faculty.

Students pursuing the MA in Special Education may choose one of the following program areas:

Graduate Certificates in Special Education

Graduate Certificates provide supplemental training in an area of interest.  Certificates are for educators and related professionals. Students in a certificate program must hold a master’s degree in the field of special education or other related human service area, or may pursue a master’s degree and certificate concurrently.

Students may enroll in certificate programs concurrently as part of graduate studies in master's and doctoral programs. The award of the graduate certificate in special education means the holder has attained specialized knowledge and signifies to employers that the university validates this academic accomplishment. The graduate certificate is meant to augment, not replace, a degree for professional practice.

The Department of Special Education offers graduate certificates in these areas:

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