Apply - Early Field Experience

>> Early Field Experience - Minumum 45 Hours (O&M exempt but recommended)

Directions: Indicate on the verification form which option you have met to fulfill the Early Fieldwork Experience requirement and upload the verification form with the application documents in the “Other” section. Applicants will not be admitted into the special education credential program without proof of completing 45 hours of early fieldwork experience.

Title 5 Regulations from the California State University Chancellor's Officerequires candidates must demonstrate that they have fulfilled a minimum requirement of 45 hours of Early Field Experience prior to admissionto an Education Specialist credential program.

This Early Field Experience requirement must be met byvolunteer or work experience in an early intervention or K-12thgrade classroom with a California Credentialed Teacher or a documented field experience deemed equivalent. The classroom experience should match the credential program for which you are applying (e.g., Early Childhood Special Education, Mild to Moderate Support Needs, Extensive Support Needs, Visual Impairment). Orientation and Mobility program applicants are exempt. One of the required letters of recommendation may be submitted by your early fieldwork experience supervisor.

For Intern applicants: Due to new state regulations it is recommended that you complete the 45 hours in a classroom that has some students who are English Language learners.

Agencies that can assist you in finding early field experience locations are Pacifica School Volunteers or San Francisco School Volunteers. You may also call your local school district for more options. The Credential and Graduate Services Center has additional resources for volunteer placement programs.

Early Field Experience Form (PDF)