Autism Spectrum Graduate Certificate

The Autism Spectrum graduate certificate is an area of specialized study designed for current graduate students or post-graduate professionals who seek greater depth in their knowledge and skills.  Through completion of the graduate certificate in Autism Spectrum, candidates will be prepared to meet the unique educational needs of learners on the Autism Spectrum in diverse settings. Particular features of the certificate include coursework with embedded field experiences, focus on current training models, and strategies and philosophies to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders at the early childhood, elementary and secondary/transition levels.

Graduate students who are enrolled in the university in masters degree or doctoral programs may complete the Autism Spectrum graduate certificate concurrently. In addition, candidates who hold a graduate degree in special education, general education, speech-language pathology, psychology or a related field may apply to the university to enroll in the Autism Spectrum graduate certificate.

Eligiblity for the Autism Spectrum Graduate Certificate

  • Application Guidelines
  • Applicants who are applying for the certificate are required to meet university standards for graduate studies; 
  • Applicants who hold a master's degree must provide evidence of an advanced graduate training degree in special education, speech-language pathology or a related field;
  • Applicants who are seeking a credential only are not eligible to apply for the certificate; and
  • Applicants apply through CSU Mentor and submit a Department application.

Autism Spectrum Graduate Certificate Curriculum

Course #  Course Title  Units
 SPED 791 Nature of Autism 3
 SPED 794 Socialization and Imagination: Autism 3
 SPED 825 Communication, Behavior and Instruction: Autism 3
 Elective Course Upon Advisement. 3
  Total Units 12