Student Teaching Guidelines

Student Teaching Application Deadline

  • September 28 (Spring semester)
  • February 28 (Fall semester)

Students should plan on completing their student teaching during their last semester in the credential program. Students must have completed all their credential coursework and have no incompletes. Students must be enrolled full-time for a minimum of 12 units during the semester of student teaching. Students must apply for student teaching one semester prior to the semester when they intend to student teach. * Interns must also submit a student teaching application.

Special Education (SPED): The Student Teaching Application and program CAP forms can be obtained from the Forms page. Each CAP form must have the faculty advisor signature and each semester or proposed semester should be filled in. Additional requirements are listed below and on the Student Teaching Application. 

** Email complete packets in one email to Steve Macaris at prior to the due date.

Important Information

If you hold a credential or permit issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) make a copy and submit it along with your Student Teaching Application and CAP form in lieu of the documentation below. Valid Multiple-Subject, Single Subject, Education Specialist, and Intern credentials cover all preconditions listed below. Valid Emergency Credentials or Permits cover only the COC and TB requirements.

Student Teaching Backup Documentation

Please provide copies of the following material with your Student Teaching Packet. All items need to be completed or met prior to conducting your student teaching experience. 

  • Basic Skills Requirement (BSR): Students may pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) to meet this requirement. For more information on the test, go to the CBEST website. Students may also be eligible for a BSR waiver.
  • Subject Matter Requirement (SMR): Students may take the appropriate California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) exam to meet this requirement. Make certain to take all the applicable subsets in the category you choose. For more information on the tests, go to the CSET website. Students may also be eligible for a
    SMR waiver. Note: ECSE and O&M are exempt from the SMR.
  • Certificate of Clearance (COC): Fingerprint Clearance via Live Scan and Commission on Teacher Credentialing online application.
  • Tuberculin Test (TB). Must be done within the two past years. Available at SFSU Health Center.
  • SFSU Unofficial Transcripts