Forms & Checklists

These petitions and forms help students progress through each stage of their Special Education degree and credential programs.

SFSU Forms

Preliminary Education Specialist & CRS Credentials

Credential Course Substitution Form

Health Education Substitution List

Program Area Credential Approved Program (CAP) forms - Preliminary & CRS Credential

Student Teaching Application: Submit application and required documents to SPED Department office in BH 156

Award of the Preliminary Credential & CRS Credential (Burk Hall 244)

Students work with Credential Analysts in the Credential & Graduate Service Center in Burk Hall 244, Phone: 415-405-3594, Email:, to apply for the Award of the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential. In addition to coursework students may also need to meet the CPR, U.S. Constitution, and RICA tests requirements.

NOTE: The Preliminary Education Specialist Credential is valid for 5 years; refer to your Preliminary Credential document, issued through CTC, for renewal requirements. California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) issues all credentials.

Master of Arts - Checklists for Culminating Experience cap

Division of Graduate Studies Forms, Waivers, and Petitions