Orientation & Mobility

KIN + SPED (Orientation & Mobility)

Graduates of this integrated program will be able to complete their B.S. in Kinesiology (concentration in Exercise & Movement Science), M.A. in Special Education, and preliminary credential in Orientation & Mobility in 5.5 years.

The California Clinical Rehabilitative Services Credential in Orientation & Mobility qualifies candidates to work at the California School for the Blind and in the California public school system. Graduates of this blended program will be prepared for a career in special education to teach orientation and mobility techniques to individuals with disabilities who have visually impairments and/or who are blind from infancy through adulthood in a variety of settings including public school systems and rehabilitation agencies.


  • Getting the most out of your time: Candidates save at least one semester in time/tuition and can take up to 15 graduate units at the undergraduate rate (up to 12 units can be double counted towards the bachelor’s and master’s degrees).
  • Program curriculum builds in test waivers for Basic Skills Requirement (e.g., CBEST tests).
  • Advising: Every student is assigned an Orientation & Mobility faculty advisor.
  • Experiences: Coursework, field experiences, student teaching, and other related activities within the credential program help Orientation and Mobility (O&M) specialists teach children and adults who have visual impairments the specific orientation skills used to find one's way in the environment and the mobility skills needed to travel safely and efficiently at home, school, work, and in the community.
  • Careers: Students are ready for special education career immediately upon graduation. Graduates of our program work as orientation and mobility specialists, and more!

Early Childhood Roadmap

Students should apply for the SF State Scholars program after they have completed 60 units (typically after their sophomore year and during their junior year). During their senior year, students will be taking a combination of undergraduate and graduate level coursework.

Example Roadmap

Video - Information Session

Watch a recorded information session about this program (video recorded on April 4, 2023):