Apply - Basic Skills Requirement

Directions: Upload theappropriate test scores with the application documents in the “Test Reporting”section. Proof of registration or proof of attempt may be uploaded for initial review purposes only. Applicants will not be admitted into the special educationcredentialprogram without proof of minimum or passing test scores.

The basic skills requirement must be fulfilled before prior to admission to a special education credential program. Choose one of the following options to fulfill thisrequirement.

A. CBEST (California Basic Skills Examination): Submit a photocopyof the results. For information and registration go to the CBEST website.

B. CSET Multiple Subjects test plus CSET Writing Skills test:Submit a photocopyof the results. You must pass the Writing Skills test AND all three Multiple Subject subtests to fulfill the Basic Skills Requirement. For information and registration go to the CBEST website. Not recommended for those taking the Single Subject CSET exams.

C. Out-of-StateBasic Skills Examination: Submit a photocopyof the results. Not all states’ Basic Skills Exams have been approved by the CTC. Contact the Credential and Graduate Services Center to find a list of approved out-of-state basic skills exams.

D.Other Options for Satisfying the Basic Skills Requirement (see chart below):

Examination English Score Requirement
Math Score Requiremnt
CSU Early Assessment Program "College Ready" or "Exempt" "College Ready" or "Exempt"
CSU Placement (EPT & ELM) Exams Score of 151 or above Score of 50 or above
College Board SAT Score of 500 or above Score of 550 or above
ACT Score of 22 or above Score of 23 or above
Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Score of 3 or above on either:

  • Language and Composition
  • Literature and Compostion

Score of 3 or above on either:

  • Calculus (AB or BC)
  • Statistics


The California Commision on Teacher Credentialing will accept a combination of scores from the EAP and EPT/ELM examinations to meet the Basic Skills Requirement as long as the individual passes a section of English and a section of Mathematics.