Intern Credential

An Intern Credential is a temporary license issued by California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) that is valid for 2 years. The intern credential allows the individual to be employed by a school district or county office of education as the teacher of record.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible for the intern credential, the student needs to be admitted and enrolled in a Preliminary Education Specialist Credential Program in one of the following:

  • Contact Dr. Summer Hsia to confirm eligibility before going on an interview. 
  • Obtain a valid employment offer, on letterhead issued from Human Resources of the employing district or school.
  • The student must have also met all the CTC intern credential requirements (see 1-5 below).

The Department of Special Education must have an interagency agreement Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the employing district or county office of education.

How to Apply

Complete Intern Packet and submit with supporting/required documentation.

Candidates need to meet the following criteria to the Department of Special Education Burk Hall 156.

  1. Proof of passing CTC Basic Skills requirement (e.g., CBEST, or other testing).
  2. Proof of passing CTC subject matter competency requirement (i.e., CSET Multiple Subjects Test).  [NOTE: Early Childhood Special Education applicants are exempt from the subject matter requirement.]
  3. Completion of the CTC U.S. Constitution requirement.  (NOTE: If you obtained a Bachelor’s degree from a CSU, this requirement is considered met.) Contact one of our credential analysts, Myla Adeva or Claudia Murcia, with any questions concerning applicable coursework.
  4. Certificate of Clearance (COC) or photocopy of a prior California credential or permit.
  5. Verification of a current TB test showing negative results; must be within the past 1 year.

NOTE:  Any Preliminary or Clear Credential earned by an applicant and issued by the CTC fulfills the above requirements numbered 1 – 5.  

  1. Proof that you earned a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  2. Need to be enrolled in Credential content area classes at SFSU (minimum 6 units per semester).
  3. Verify employment: Submit a copy of a signed contract or a letter issued from Human Resources (must be written on school or district letterhead). The contract must indicate that the applicant is the teacher of record and include the following details: 1) name of the school; 2) effective hire date; 3) disability credential area (e.g.,extensive support needs).
  4. Pre-service hours: Complete 120 hours of ELL and related coursework in special education prior to submitting the application for the Intern Credential. Contact the Intern Program Coordinator, Dr. Summer Hsia (link sends e-mail) for details and instructions.
  5. District Support Provider Form: Identify from the district a qualified mentor/coach in the program area with a minimum of 3 years successful teaching experience)
  6. Pay $25 Credential Processing Fee, make payable to SFSU and pay at the Bursaar's Office. Or, as a convenience,
  7. Pay Fee online at the following link:  Pay Intern Fee (Firefox Browser is the most effective for this payment)

Maintaining Intern Credential

Interns work for their employing school district during the day and take classes in the evening and summers at SFSU.  To maintain an intern credential, CTC and SFSU require that the intern fulfill the following obligations:

  1. Continuously enroll at SFSU each term (minimum 6 units per semester), including summer sessions, if appropriate courses are available.
  2. *Beginning fall 2018, enroll in SPED 701 Intern Support Seminar (3 units) the first semester as an intern.
  3. *Beginning fall 2018, complete the Support and Supervision Record Form at the end of each semester and submit to the Department of Special Education.
  4. Contact the Intern Coordinator, Dr. Summer Hsia, as soon as there is a change in employment.
  5. Contact the Intern Coordinator, Dr. Summer Hsia, if an extension is needed. The Intern Credential is valid for 2 years.  It is the responsibility of the intern to request a one-time, one-year extension a minimum of 3 months prior to the expiration of the Intern Credential.

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