Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Special Education at San Francisco State!

Our Department’s mission is to actively engage in research, teaching and service that advocates for the inclusion and equity of individuals with disabilities* within schools, communities, and society. Fundamental to this mission is that all individuals have the right to be acknowledged and valued as full members of our communities, honoring the diverse, intersecting identities that we all hold. In turn, our work is focused on ensuring special education supports and services are individualized, asset-based, culturally-sustaining, collaborative, and interdisciplinary.

We are proud to be the largest provider of special educators and related service providers in the Bay Area including 8 programs at the undergraduate, masters, doctoral, and five post baccalaureate teaching credentials. Through these paths, we are committed to curricula that promote and prioritize access to general education and inclusive learning environments for all. Further, our students will develop specialized expertise in supporting the development and learning goals of disabled individuals across their lifespan.

On behalf our faculty and stuff, we welcome you to join our community.

Amber Friesen, Ph.D.
Chairperson and Professor, Department of Special Education

*Both identify-first and person-first language are used interchangeably with the awareness that language use regarding identity should be chosen by an individual.

Amber Friesen