Fingerprint Clearance with California CTC

Directions: Follow the application instruction below to apply for the Certificate of Clearance (COC) with the Commission for Teacher Credentialing. Upload a copy of your COC with the application documents in the “Other” section. Applicants will not be admitted into the special education credential program without proof of COC.

In accordance with California state law and Education code, all teaching credential applicants must go through a background check. All applicants must apply for a Certificate of Clearance (COC) with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) OR submit proof of prior completion of the same clearance.

Acceptable documentation in lieu of a Certificate of Clearance: Valid credentials or permits issued by the CTC, including substitute, pre-intern permits, short-term staff permits, clear or preliminary, or Child Development permits. Submit a printout from the CTC website. District or other job related clearance isnot acceptable; however for student teaching purposes districts may require additional fingerprint clearance.

Certificate of Clearance application instructions

Have your fingerprints taken via Livescan

•Complete the CTC-specific 41-LS LiveScan form. Take two copies to a LiveScan Station for your fingerprints to be taken. To get your fingerprints taken at San Francisco State University Police Department, please call 415/338-6043 to make a LiveScan appointment.

•If you already have a Certificate of Clearance OR a CTC credential (i.e., Substitute Permit, Child Development Permit, Multiple Subject Credential, etc.) you DO NOT need to complete the below process.

•Note: If you had your fingerprints taken at a district or for another type of job, these WILL NOT be electronically submitted to the CTC.

Complete the online application at the CTC website

•Apply for the Certificate of Clearance (COC) using the Web Application Process at the CTC website

A. Click the Credentialing Information navigation button

B. Select the Educator Login button to begin your application.

C. Create/log in to your personal profile on the secure Educator Page using your SSN and date of birth. If this is your first application and you are creating a new profile, you will be prompted to enter this information twice.

D. When your personal profile iscomplete, click Next

E. Click on the Create New button under Web Applicationsto start your application for the Certificate of Clearance

F. Select the Certificate of Clearance from the drop-down menu; review the checklist verifying you meet all requirements forthe document, print it, and then click Next

G. Read the Discloser Page for the Professional Fitness questions and click Next

H. Answer each of the Professional Fitness questions, complete the Oath and Affidavit, and click Submit Payment

I. On the next page, clickthe Process Payment button to move forward

J. The display shows the document applied for and the amount to pay. Click Continue

K. Complete the billing verification information for LexisNexis. Choose to pay with credit card (can also use debit card with Visa or MasterCard logo). Click Continue

L. Verify all the payment information is correct, including email address. Click Complete Payment. a. Do not click the Complete Payment button more than once

M. Use the link provided to obtain a printable receipt for your reference and personal records

•NOTE: If you answered “yes” to any of the Personal and Professional Fitness questions, you must send required supporting materials to the Commission as per instructions.

•Once your COC is processed it can be printed from the Internet. After two weeks, log into the Education’s Page on the CTC website to check your application status.

•Upload acopy of theCertificate of Clearance with your application documents. The printed document must have your name, document number, and the issuance date listed.