Apply - Subject Matter Competency

>> Subject Matter Competency (ECSE and O&M are exempt from this requirement)

Directions: Upload the appropriate test scores with the application documents in the “Test Reporting”section. Proof of registration or proof of attempt may be uploaded for initial review purposes only. Applicants will not be admitted into the special education credential program without proof of minimum or passing test scores.

The Commission on Teacher Credential requires that Education Specialist candidates prove they possess a body of appropriate knowledge that reflects California State Standards. Education Specialist Credential candidates have a choice of subject areas; they can choose a) multiple subjects competency,or b) single subject competency. The subject matter competency requirement must be fulfilled before prior to admission to a special education credential program. Note: Early Childhood Special Education and Orientation and Mobility applicants are exempt.

Those who have already met subject matter competency as a prerequisite to earning another California teaching credential do not have to repeat this requirement if they can provide a copy of a valid credential.Note:The CSET Writing Skills Test andthe CBEST test donot fulfill this requirement.

A. Multiple Subjects Competency: For Multiple Subjects Competency, all three (3) multiple subjects subtests of the CSET (California Subject Examinations for Teachers) must be passedfor admission. Registration can be done online at

B. Single Subjects Competency: For Single Subject Competency, all appropriate subtests for a core subject areaof the CSET (California Subject Examinations for Teachers) must be passedfor admission.

Core areas include Art, English, Music, Mathematics including Foundational-Level Mathematics, Foreign Language, Science including Foundational-Level General Scienceor Specialized Science and Social Science. The number of subtests vary depending on the subject area.

Please read the website carefully before registering to ensure that you will be taking the appropriate tests. If you have questions, call the Credential and Graduate Services Center (415/405-3594) for assistance. Registration can be done online at California Educatior Credentialing Assessments website.