JD Course Load

The major objective of the first year in the Joint Doctoral program is to help the student achieve competence in developing and implementing a research project and to critically review and interpret a professional literature. All students are required to complete the following core courses in their first two years of study.

San Francisco State University Core Courses

Course # Course Title
SPED 903 Research in Special Education: Program Design and Analysis
SPED 905 University-Level Teaching Internship
SPED 906 University-Level Research Internship
SPED 907 Learning and Develpment: Influence on Disabilities
SPED 908 Directed Study Special Topics (Faculty Advising)
SPED 909 Current Issues in Special Education Policy & Practice
  * See the SF State Bulletin for course descriptions *

University California Berkeley Core Courses

Course # Course Title
EDUC 203 Cultivating Cognitive Development: From Sensorimotor Intelligence to Embodied STEM Concepts (3 units)
EDUC 268 Introduction to the GSE: Policy, Organization, Measurement & Education (first year, 2 semesters, 4 units)
EDUC 282 Instruction to Research Inquiry (first year, 3 units)

Approved Alternative Joint Doctoral Coursework

Course # Course Title
EDUC 293A Computational Approaches to Human Learning 
EDUC 293L Educational Data Analysis Laboratory
EDUC 275B Data Analysis in Educational Research II
EDUC 275L Educational Data Analysis Laboratory
EDUC 299 Special Study and Research (Faculty Advising)
  * See the University of California Berkeley (UCB) Course page for course information *

In conjunction with the primary advisers, students will select a course of study which is congruent with their professional development goals and previous course work and experience. In addition, students are required to select three areas of specialization in consultation with the primary advisers. A minimum of three courses or nine units is required in each area of specialization, not including directed or independent study. At least one of the three areas of study must be completed at the opposite campus.

Students who are accepted into the program and who have minimal or no academic course work in special education will be required to enroll in prerequisite foundation courses. These courses are taken primarily at the SFSU campus.