Joint Doctoral Program: Normative Timeframe

The Normative Timeframe to complete the Joint Doctoral Program.

Normative Timeframe

Reflects maximum time to complete program within a normative time of 6 years.

Normative Timeframe Semester
Coursework Semester 1
Outline of Program for the MA degree Semester 2
First Year Evaluation, complete MA Degree Semester 3
Outline of Program fro PhD Semester 4
Complete Prequalifying Review Papers Semester 5
Prequalifying Review (Completion of Position Papers and a Dissertation Prospectus) Semester 6
Qualifying Examination Semester 7
Advance to Candidacy Semester 8
Dissertation Proposal Review Meeting. Report on Progress in Candidacy Semester 9
Conduct dissertation research Semester 10
Report on Progress in Candidacy Semester 11
File Dissertation Semester 12