Orthopedically Impaired Added Authorization

The Orthopedically Impaired Added Authorization (OI AA) is designed to prepare credentialed teachers to serve students with physical disabilities related to a range of neuromotor conditions, from birth to 22 years of age in school and community settings.  Increasingly, teachers are needed to serve students with complex communication needs through Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Assistive Technology (AT) applications. Candidates completing the OI AA will expand their knowledge and skills to serve students through assessment, curricular adaptations, and supporting essential life skills that include communication, academics, personal independence, vocational experiences.  The design and application of appropriate AAC and AT systems are core features of the OI AA program.  Areas of study and practice also include a focus on integration of health care services for students with physical disabilities through collaboration with family members and related professionals.



Candidates applying for the Added Authorization in Orthopedic Impairments must provide proof that they hold a preliminary education specialist teaching credential or be eligible for a preliminary education specialist teaching credential in their application to be reviewed by the program coordinator.  

The Added Authorization courses may be considered part of coursework for completing a Clear Education Specialist program. Please note that a Clear Education Specialist program is not offered at SF State.

Orthopedically Impaired Added Authorization (OI AA) Curriculum

Course # Course Title Units
SPED 743 Issues in Augmentative and Alternative Education 3
SPED 746 Teaching Individuals with Physical and Health Impairments 3
SPED 747 Physical Health & Sensory Disabilities: Implications and Management 3
SPED 763 Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities 3
  Total Units 12